12 Offbeat but Easy SEO Woo Tutorials

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A Majority of the Search Engine Optimisation start without a strategy. This SEO Woo Tutorials, will not give you tips for conventional Off page and On Page optimization. I am assuming that you are already well aware of the most common on-page and off page optimization techniques. But if you have a new blog or a new website, and you are finding it difficult to rank on Page 1, you discover some unconventional SEO Woo techniques. So, do you want to continue discovering hidden gems? Then there is a lot more to building a solid SEO strategy even before you start optimizing your first page.

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What is SEO woo Tutorials?

SEO woo Strategy is a planning, research, and a technique formulation exercise. Based on this exercise websites design and develop their content to harness the raw power of organic search traffic.

Google utilizes roughly 200 positioning components to rank sites. Some of these are demonstrated, some are dubious and some are absolutely geeky. It can be difficult to know which elements to concentrate on with regards to your website improvement.

Set a Target for Monthly Organic Search Traffic

The first thing to decide is the quantum of organic traffic you want to target in the first month. Do not set an unrealistic target which you are bound to fail. 10000 Page Views should be a good enough target for your first month. This target also qualifies you to start earning ad revenues.


Keyword Volume Analysis

You already have a couple of Keywords in your mind which represents your blog’s primary post or your website’s primary focus. Do a keyword volume and difficulty analysis using tools from Google Adwords.

You may be surprised to see such low volumes and high difficulty for your chosen keywords. Keep such keywords for later, and it’s time to build your SEO woo tutorials. Lee Seo jin.

Long Tail Keywords

Your initial SEO woo efforts should always be directed towards Long Tail Keywords. These are easier to get into page 1 when compared to single words. Do a research on your related long tail keywords using texts like “How to…” “What is..” “Where can I …..”.

One of my favorite free tools for long tail keyword research is Answer The Public. Another very less known and interesting way is to find questions asked by people in Forums from your relevant industry. Let’s say I first want to find most popular forums on email marketing. I do a Google search with this string “email marketing + discussions”.

This gives me a list of all the forums with active and popular discussions on my subject. Now you need to go into any of these forums and check their available categories. These categories can give you your long tail keyword ideas. Lee seo jin.

Click a category and you will find a list of questions. You now have so many long tail keywords on which you can start building content. Here is a list of free tools that can help you discover long tail keywords.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

The best way to find more lucrative keyword is by doing a thorough competitor analysis. The objective is to find those keywords with which your competitor is getting large traffic volumes.

In addition, these keywords should also have a very high monthly search volumes. It will be a blessing if you are able to discover few keywords from your competitors that have a high volume and low competition.

You will be surprised to discover many hidden treasures and some very lame search strings with super high search volume. Start with such keywords first. Write good content using those keywords.

Two opposing candidates for county office happened to be sitting next to each other in the local diner.

One turned to the other and said, “You know why I’m going to win this election? Because of my ‘personal touch.’ For example, I always tip waitresses really well and then ask them to vote for me.”

“Oh, really?” replied the other. “I always tip a nickel and ask them to vote for you.”

Long-form Content

Another, not a much-known fact, is that Google Search Engine gives preference to posts having more than 1200 words of content. So try to write content that is longer than 1200 words.

Include good graphics and images too. Make sure your content has good readability score. Use tools like the Hemmingway Editor to simplify the complex sentences in your post.


You don’t need 5000 backlinks to get on to Google 1st page. Sometimes the right keyword can rank you on Page 1 with just 3 backlinks from high Domain Authority sites. So get on with your content writing skills and do a few guest posts on high DA sites.

Always contribute your best quality posts when doing guest submissions. It builds your credibility. I am assuming you are already aware of the Link Pyramid. Still, build direct backlinks with direct keyword anchor to your post from high DA websites- Tier 1.

Then build the Tier 2 backlinks from lower DA websites to the Tier 1 post using related keywords. Caution, do not use the direct keyword in Tier 2 posts. Then do social bookmarking of your Tier 2 posts which then becomes your Tier 3 backlinks. Lee seo jin.

Alternative Positioning Strategy

Some time back, I had a discussion with the SEO woo team of a new Bus Ticket Booking website. They were finding it quite difficult to rank on Page 1 for any keyword. I advised them to contact high DA travel blogs. Then provide them with very good and relevant content.

Also with the suggestion to provide bus ticket booking to those destinations. It worked wonders. When travelers were searching for good destinations, they were also getting options to buy bus tickets. My daughter SEO young.

Their search for those destinations became more relevant. This strategy can be a fit for any business. All you need is to find a synergy with another non-compete partner.

Featured Snippets

Sometimes when an internet user poses a question in Google Search, it can show an output in a included snippet on page 1. This highlighted snippet incorporates a rundown of the appropriate response.

Extricated from a page, in addition to a connection to the page, the page title, and URL. Google can create a snippet of your page even if you are not ranked #1. However, you need to have the Question in your post using an H2 tag and an appropriate answer to the question.

seo woo

You can do a manual one by one research of questions which do not already create a snippet. Start building these Q&A inside your posts. Lee seo jin.

Top Stories

Google has started with a new rich snippet for articles that have been published on high authority sites. These posts get direct feed into google news. It should also have received good social engagement in a short span of time of publishing. So give in your best efforts to distribute your articles on social media immediately after publishing them.
Lee seo jin

This particular article was published just 12 hours ago and received a special mention on Google Page 1. If you have to spend some money to do a press release, then it might give you reasonable returns.

Alternatively, you can reach out to influential people who are regular authors with large publication houses. My daughter SEO young. Then request them to mention your website in their next post. If you are a good writer with guest post references from high DA reputed blogs, you may even contact to submit your post. Improve your Blog’s and article’s discovery by hunting them on Bloghunt.

Twitter Feeds in Google Desktop Search

Another new from Google is displaying latest twitter feeds when a user searches for the Brand Name. You can use this to showcase your latest posts on page 1 even though they are not search engine optimized.

Posts can be prominently visible on Google Page 1 within minutes of its publishing. However, there should be a sizable search volume with your brand name, and your twitter channel should have a big follower base.

In specific numbers, I have testing for brand name search volume of 9900 per month and a twitter follower base of 25.5K, yet the feeds do not appear on Page 1. Find the tricks with which you can get Twitter Feeds in Google Desktop Search


My daughter SEO young

Repurpose Content

There are many websites with high DA that allow you to post content. These websites can bring your post to page 1 very quickly. You need to rewrite a part of your post and then lead the reader to visit your blog to read the remaining.

You can repurpose content and post on Medium, Linkedin, and similar websites. Read Growth Hacking techniques for more in-depth knowledge. My daughter SEO young.

Email Marketing

At the end, don’t wait for your website to get optimized. Optimization is significantly affected by your traffic volumes which also improves the Alexa Rank of your website.

Start using email marketing to bring more traffic to your website while you are working on your SEO woo tutorials. Learn everything about email *@ marketing.

I will be happy to answer your questions. Let’s not stop our learning here. Make your comments and I will respond.

12 Offbeat but Easy ? SEO Woo Tutorials
Article Name
12 Offbeat but Easy ? SEO Woo Tutorials
A Majority of the Search Engine Optimisation start without a strategy. This SEO Woo Tutorials, will not give you tips for conventional Off page and On Page optimization.
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