3 Worthy Customer Service Case Studies – Fedex, Xbox, AT&T

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customer service
Good customer service and customer care are vital for any company, institution or organization. To a greater extent, for a customer to come back, it may depend on the customer service and the customer care protocols in place.

Store owner: “Thank you for your patronage. I wish I had twenty customers like you.”

Customer: “Gosh, it’s nice to hear that, but I’m kind of surprised. You know that I argue every bill and always pay late.”

Store owner: “I’d still like twenty customers like you. The problem is, I have two hundred customers like you.”

Customer service is the process where a service provider takes care of the needs of a customer by helping them, instructing them, guiding them or doing any other thing that the client may need or request of them.
All these services should be offered in a professional way and be of high quality. The customer service is usually the responsibility of customer service representatives. They serve as the point of contact between the clients and the company, institution or organization. Customer care goes a little further than the customer service.
It involves getting more personal with the needs and requirements of the customers. It involves solving their problems and answering their queries. Getting a better understanding of some of the problems customers may be encountering and responding to them, to mention but a few.
Some of the greatest companies on this planet are successful due to a focused approach towards customer service.

Technology Intervention to Improve Customer Support

Apart from great motivational stories, the fact remains that companies make or break their reputation with the quality of their customer support.

I had booked a room with OyoRooms which is an online hotel booking service very popular in India. However, when I wanted to reach out to them on an urgency related to the booking, I couldn’t find a support email on their website. Their support link opened their knowledge base portal, good, but I was not in the mood of learning. I tried raising a ticket from their support portal and it did not allow me to submit the ticket. Then I tried replying to their email confirmation, but it bounced back since it was sent from a no-reply id.

I could not find a live chat support which was surprising. The only possible way to reach them was their call center number, but I did not want to get into a call where I will be spending their first 3 minutes clicking and typing choices to finally connect to an operator.

At the end of the day, I was not able to reach out to OyoRooms at all. Why do you think such a big company does not offer a live webchat? Obvious reasons could be that they will have to substantially add agents to respond to live web chats as that is the most popular channel for customers to interact with other businesses. So the offset here is with commercial viability to customer satisfaction.

Consider a technology intervention where such companies need not add huge resources, rather convert their entire employee strength to double as customer support. May be even the CEO of OyoRooms can respond to a customer support chat if he happens to be online. He may not be able to resolve an issue straight away, but 80% of the customers are happy when their support chat requests are responded within 2 minutes. Remember, here response is important, the resolution comes later.

Since most of the organizations around the world are happily embracing Slack as their de facto communication standard, why not allow everyone to respond to customer contact from the same Slack? Check how Chatterbox can easily integrate with your Slack with a single click and allow you to respond to live website chat support.

Check how Chatterbox can easily integrate with your Slack with a single click and allow you to respond to live website chat for customer support.




FedEx is a public company in the courier industry founded by Fredrick W. Smith in the year 1971. Currently headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. Ever since its inception, the company has grown and established itself to where it can now serve the whole wide world comfortably.
Their services include delivery of posts, express mails, freight forwarding as well as logistics that concern third-party. Its subsidiaries include Office, Express, and Freight to mention a few.
As a courier company, it has one of the best customer services that ensure client’s satisfaction at all times. In each and every location there is a customer service support system in place.
For one to take advantage of it is by contacting their offices in that particular country or region. Even so, you can also visit their website and contact them. Some of the customer services offered are in line with shipping, tracking, and management.


In the event that you have any concerns about your shipments, they are able to give you sober answers. If you need any guidance on how to go about your shipping plans, they will always be in a position to help as well as answer any questions that you have.


You may be expecting a shipment and you are curious about the present hour location. Fedex customer service representatives help you track the shipment online by the use of a tracking number and thus you will always have real-time data. If you had any other concerns they are always ready to help you.
Managing your account. In the event that you use the online billing services, you are able to keep track of the payments you make for their different services rendered to you.


Xbox is a video gaming product developed by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2001. Other than video game applications, Xbox also represents many other services.
Streaming services are those where one gets to receive media content directly from a provider as it is presented. These are also Online services that refer to as Xbox Live.
The support system in place for Xbox users caters for help needed to deal with issues related to Xbox one, Xbox 360, Xbox on windows 10, and the various Games. Billing to their services offered, problems with your account and any other presented problem are also resolved.
By visiting their website, you will click on one of the above-mentioned categories. A panel will open up displaying subcategories. By clicking on one again, another panel will open displaying some of the solutions to the problem.
You are required to click on the solution you need and a page will open up showing you how to go about. In the event that you are stranded, you can choose a contact method to use so as to get help from the customer service representative.
All the processes are easy and everything is clearly laid bare for you. Your solution is always a click away. Even so, you may need to call the directly for faster solutions. Their contacts have are available on their website and it is 800-469-9269 (800-4MY-XBOX) that is operational from 9 Am-1 Am EST.


at&t customer care
This is a public company in the Telecommunications and Mass Media. Company founded in 1983 and currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas in the United States. The only two areas that the company serves is North and South America.
Their products include Satellite television, fixed line telephone, Mobile phone, Broadband Internet Access, digital television as well as Digital home security. Under it, there are approximately eight subsidiaries.
The support center that offers customer care is effective and efficient. You can expect time bound solution to the various problems that one may have about the above-mentioned products. The customer service representatives are fast and always very helpful.
By logging on to their website, www.att.com, you will get to choose the category that you need help with. By clicking on the category, a page opens up that will have a breakdown of what the product package is made of.
For example, if your selection is AT& T internet, the subcategories will be internet, DSL and Dial Up. You will then have to narrow down to the specific problem by selecting one of the subcategories. A self-service portal will then shown a guideline or ways on how to fix the problem on your own.
In the event that you need to talk to one of the support staff, you can easily get all the contacts by visiting www.800-numbers.net/att/. An entire list of numbers is displayed. You can call when you need help with anything or you need to make inquiries concerning any of their services.
3 Worthy Customer Service Case Studies - Fedex, Xbox, AT&T
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3 Worthy Customer Service Case Studies - Fedex, Xbox, AT&T
Good customer service and customer care are vital for any company, institution or organization. To a greater extent, for a customer to come back, it may depend on the customer service and the customer care protocols in place.
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