4 Tech-Induced Changes to the Modern Workplace

Here are four greatest tech-induced changes to the modern workplace.

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Tech-induced changes aren’t there simply to revolutionize industries, companies and efficiency levels. They are also there to make jobs for ordinary office employees a bit more interesting, make their tasks a tad more manageable and allow them a completely customizable work experience. Sure, some may argue that this has more to do with a trend or overall business doctrine, but they often forget that without certain technological advancements, these things wouldn’t even be possible.

Modern Workplace

1.      IM services and collaboration tools in the office

When it comes to IM services like Viber, Facebook Messenger and Skype, this is something that is reserved exclusively for remote workers, right? Well, not anymore. One of the problems with working in an overcrowded office lies in the fact that it can get quite noisy when everyone tries to talk to each other at the same time. Therefore, isn’t it more efficient for people located across the office to message each other instead? Not only are they not disrupting anyone in this way, but they also have a cleaner, more personal method of communication.

Same goes for collaboration tools. Why send something through an email or download it to a USB drive and carry it across the room, when you can just drag it over to the collaboration tool chat box? Apart from being easier, faster and more efficient, this is also a great way to keep backups. In other words, these two digital trends are keeping a present-day office quieter and more organized.

2.      Shared workspaces

With more and more people telecommuting, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until the traditional office is obsolete, right? Not necessarily. Once again, there’s a reason why people work in offices, same as there’s a reason why offices are organized the way they are. In fact, more and more telecommuters are coming to realize the advantages of working from an office. Nevertheless, what can they do when their company is on another continent? It’s simple, they go to the nearest shared workspace and lease a desk.

3.      A more accurate evaluation program

According to one theory, the productivity of employees grows linearly, while their incompetence grows exponentially. In other words, the larger your company is, the smaller and smaller the portion of people doing all the work. In the past, this was one of those huge industry problems that seemingly had no solution. Nowadays, on the other hand, with the right employee monitoring platform, you can have much better insight into the efficiency of your staff. In that way, you have a more reliable method of figuring out who the top performers are and who are the freeloaders in your ranks.

Evaluation Program

4.      Cloud computing

The next important aspect of the modern workplace can be found in the phenomenon of cloud computing. The advantage of this particular trend lies in the fact that your digital storage, maintenance and check-in system become much more convenient and location-independent. Imagine a scenario where you get a call from work, mere moments after you’ve arrived home. In the past, if the situation was urgent, you would have to go back. Nowadays, however, you can log into your company account from any terminal, be it your personal computer or your smartphone (depending on the platform you need to access).

This also means that you can feel free taking your vacation at any time of the year, due to the fact that, if something goes wrong at the office, you can access project files remotely. Of course, this is not why people go to vacations in the first place. However, it is somehow reassuring to know that you have this option open, as well.


As you can see, these four tech improvements do nothing to endanger the integrity of the traditional workplace. If anything, they are merely there to give you more options. Those who want to do so are still free to walk across the office and deliver their message in person, return to the corporate headquarters in the middle of the night or cut their vacation short. Luckily, those who do not want to do this are no longer compelled to do so.

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