45 HR Software [SaaS Based] For Startups

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The emphasis here is on SaaS Based HR Software. Why? Since startups do not have time to spend 6 months on installation and setup of an HR software. Agreed? Read ahead.

Startups are fast paced companies that rely on speed and perfection. Anything that fits a startup will fit other traditional enterprises. Since startups are themselves fast and agile, the tools they need should also be the same. Self-service, self-setup, no complexity, should go live in less than a day. In addition to all these, it should also be priced sensitively. How many of you will love such SaaS products?

Early stage companies need to be organized from day 1. Such companies need to have at least an HR and Payroll System in place from the beginning. Human Resource Planning and Management encompass a very vast field of practice. However, all startups need not implement all HR practices in the beginning.

What is needed during the early stage are employee records keeping, time tracking, compensation & payroll, task management, Social Collaboration, and employee self-services.

During the growth phase of the startups, recruitment becomes a priority. Hence Talent Management Solutions come into play.

When the startups reach considerable maturity they will need to implement performance management solutions.

Employee To HR Manager, “I’m not feeling safe in this country. Please send me onsite to any foreign country”. Reply from HR manager…. “I just came to know we have open positions in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan”.

The adoption of these practices are not hard wired and may vary from one company to another. HR software should be in line with business goals and should make it easier than ever before to achieve those goals. Unfortunately, many companies do not see the anticipated ROI on systems because they do not use the systems to their greatest potential. Such situations can be easily avoided when such SaaS based solutions extensively use Drip Marketing Campaigns to enlighten and enable the customer.

Major Solutions Offered:
* Talent Management Solutions
* Performance Management
* Talent Development
* Time Tracking
* Workforce Administration
* Core HR
* HR Analytics
* Employee Self Services
* Payroll Software
* Social Collaboration

Many companies face issues of software adoption. Employees tend to resist change and in the process continue with their older manual intervention. This may result in the company founders losing interest in the tool.

"We are seeing a significant increase in the adoption of HR & Payroll automation software among Indian companies. A large part of this increase is from small and medium business who are now looking at cloud based solutions to help them bring efficiency and effectiveness in the processes. Additionally, another critical reason for adoption is also to ensure that all statutory and compliance requirements can be handled accurately and in a timely manner." - Girish Rowjee, Founder, greytHR

Modern interventions like gamifications and rewards have surely provided sufficient need for the employees to use the systems more aggressively. Behavioural Marketing can trigger real-time and relevant notifications to users to increase their interactivity and engagement.

We shortlisted some of the most adaptable SaaS based HR Software so that you all can save your time on the evaluation and discovery.



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1 comment, 51 shares, 522 points
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