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Tips on Differentiating a Boiler From a Water Heater

Hot water is primary to contemporary life and should be available in vast quantities. A boiler and a water heater seem to have the same functionality of heating water to many homeowners who are not professionals in the field of plumbing. The criteria used in grouping equipment in plumbing is dependent on whether the equipment can perform a particular function and cannot do another. It is easy to classify the heating appliance as either a boiler or a water heating by technically observing what it can and cannot do. Of course while both the water heater and the boiler perform the same function of heating water in homes, they do that in different ways and for different purposes. The moment you comprehend this, then you can and administer the appropriate code requirements. This will also save you the resources you will spend troubleshooting this equipment when they break down. It for these reasons that this work will explore more about boilers and water heaters.

Kicking off with a water heater, it is barely a piece of equipment, which performs the function specified by its name; that is heating water. The particular uses of the warmed water are cleaning, cooking and washing. The water heater receives cold water from the supply tank and heats it up. Heated water is then availed in taps throughout the home. The kind of water they warm must be potable.

There are two groups of water heaters; tankless and tanked. There is indirect heating of the water received in the tanked version of the water heaters. This is usually done by an electric heating rod or a gas burner in the tank. Immediately the required temperature of the warm water is reached, heating is stopped. The heated water remains in the tank until its usage. On the contrary, heated water is not stored in a tankless water heater. On second thought, water is heated directly. Heat is supplied to running water without end, until the tankless water heater is switched off.

Without a doubt, a boiler boils water. This means that water is turned into steam inside the boiler. Heat is efficiently transported by steam. Heat is better held in steam than in air. Moreover, it is a less expensive way of transferring heat since it is simple to pump steam all over the home. After the boiler has turned the water into steam, it is supplied throughout the home for heating functions. The steam may not necessarily be potable.

In the end, the primary difference between the two is that the purpose of a water heater is to warm potable water, whereas a boiler provides heat to a home using steam and radiant heat techniques.

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