8 Lead Generation Ideas cooler than Michael Jordan with Lead Magnets

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Gone are the days when you could get quality leads with just a simple subscription form. Unless your have extremely good quality content, simple subscription forms will not generate quality and quantity leads for your business. What can assist you to generate huge volumes for your lead generation endeavor? A Lead Magnet.

Lead generation does not happen automatically. If you think you have a wonderful product or service, and that customers will come pouring into your doorstep, you are wrong, absolutely wrong. You need Leads, lots of leads, and then you need to know how to sell.

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What is a Lead Magnet?

A Lead Magnet is a valuable offering given to a prospect in return of their contact details and communication consent. This does not mean that you offer your very own product for free to generate leads, and then have nothing else to sell. In addition, if your offering is not valuable, don’t expect to generate leads either.

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Before creating a lead magnet, create your customer persona. Understand and identify who your customer is, what do they like & dislike, what are their ambitions & fears, what is their need & want, where are they mostly found, and more.

Once you have a customer persona, you will be flooded with ideas to build your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet could be a freemium access to your SaaS product – most commonly used. You could create a guidebook and use it as a lead magnet. You can offer an excel template as a lead magnet, or a photoshop file, a set of free images, and it continues.

Do not offer a complex and long lead magnet. No one wants that, and you will waste too much of your resources in building such complex stuff. Remember that your Lead Magnet should be small but utilitarian, that your leads will be able to readily consume and use. They will remember and respect you for that.

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Concept Ideas for Lead Magnets

If you ask me, how would I start thinking about what lead magnet will be best for my lead generation, let me reveal my secrets? If I am selling a product to Digital Media companies, I would know that all my prospects will dig for the secrets of Arianna Huffington. So I will research and find out what made Arianna Huffington so successful with Huffington Post and offer it as a Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnet Examples

I have created a list of examples which I consider some of the best Lead Magnets with a variety of offerings.

  • Research Report: If you can create a detailed in-depth research on the subject that your customer persona fits in, you can have a solid lead magnet. TechCrunch does something similar. You can create similar Report Download using Retainly Optin Form Plugin.

lead magnet research report




  • In-Line Optin Form with a catchy Call to Action: This is best done by Inc.com. You can create similar Report Download using Retainly Optin Form Plugin.

in-line-signup lead generation



  • TNW’s Embedded Promo Box: This is another new and innovative way to promote a freebie or a special offer that is embedded inside your post and can attract maximum attraction of your visitors. You can create similar Promo Box using Retainly Marketing Automation.



  • Cheat Sheet by Backlinko: The Backlinko blog offers quick one or two pager cheat sheets which are very popular with the viewers. You can create similar content upgrade using Retainly Marketing Automation

cheatsheet lead magnet


  • Content Locker: If you have an extremely good quality content, you can use a content locker to ensure that your viewers pass on their contact information to read the full article. You can create similar Content locker using Retainly Optin Form Plugin.

[rad_retainly_locked optin_id=”optin_4″]


  • Free Tools: Use Retainly’s Free Email Spam word checker which is the world’s first and only automated checker for your email’s spam words. It helps you improve your email delivery by more than 30%, and saves you tons of time. Also, check this Free Rank checker from Semrush that helps build a very focused lead magnet.

semrush lead magnet


  • Social Contests and Giveaways: Create contests and giveaways using social media tools.


  • Free Drip Email Training Program: ShoutmeLoud offers some very useful free training courses sent as drip emails to your inbox. These training programs are designed by organizing old posts in a logical sequence and pushing it to the subscriber once or twice a week. You can create similar Drip Email Training Program using Retainly Marketing Automation.

Lead generation[/rad_retainly_locked]

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