How To Become a MacGyver Of Digital Content Marketing?

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Have you ever heard of MacGyver? If you did, you would know that there’s no obstacle too difficult for him. He would always find a way to get out of problematic situations. Even those that seem insurmountable and improbable.

He’s so good at what he does that the term MacGyverism is coined after him. Perhaps the key to his knack of getting out of difficulties is his resourcefulness and creative thinking, as he can make makeshift tools out of what he has to solve the problem he is in. 

Want tobecome a MacGyver and solve your way into digital content marketing success? You might learn a thing or two from our tips.

Identify the problem and provide clever solutions

Digital content marketing is the gap between what brands publish and what customers actually need. Your target audience is being bombarded by ads, they do not need more content – they need meaningful content. Be the MacGyver for them by addressing their concerns and providing them with solutions that they need.

Take Bumble and Bumble and Coveteur’s collaboration as a good example.

Bumble and Bumble, as a haircare brand, often release posts on how to’s and tutorials on bringing the best of your crowning glory, regardless of your hair type. Whether you are a straight brunette, a wavy blonde, a curly redhead (or whatever permutation of hair type you have), Bumble and Bumble has something for your locks. 

But Bumble and Bumble is not the only brand that does that. What the brand did differently was to partner with The Coveteur, a passion project turned leading brand for all things beauty, fashion, and luxury lifestyle. In their collaboration, four Coveteur staffers shared advises on conquering summer hair struggles. Divided into four categories, the hair problems tackled were post-pool, post-gym, humidity+frizz, and limp+lifeless. We all know that a majority of women have issues with their hair, and Bumble and Bumble knew exactly how to address those hair concerns.

Leverage diversity and customize for your target’s needs

Do not be one dimensional in your thinking. Reaching your target audience means knowing that you are engaging with a diverse group and empowering them in your campaign.

Similar to what Lancome did in their “40 shades, 40 powers” campaign, where the brand released four films featuring 40 powerful and inspirational women from the UK, each one completely her own individual.

The brand celebrates that its best-selling foundation is now available in 40 shades, hence the campaign. It wanted to convey to its women audience that power, success, and the capacity to influence is within them, regardless of their shade.

Lancome shows how well they know their target market. Women, more often than not, are shown a standard of beauty. But Lancome goes on a different messaging--that there is no single and definite portrayal of womanhood. Its production of 40 foundation shades is already a testament to the brand’s recognition of the diversity of women. 

Take your audience to an adventure

Marketing is about telling your story and getting your target audience engaged in what you do. Stray away from the tried and tested and take your customers to an adventure that they can relate to and will resonate to them.

Kate Spade’s #MissAdventure series executes subtle marketing in this particular campaign. In the first episode of this series, we see Anna Kendrick locked out of her apartment until she figures out a way to get in. The story revolves around that idea, and not on the brand being promoted.

What this campaign addresses is the unconscious aversion of consumers to be persuaded. Kate Spade is in that promotional video series (through the paper bag at the left side of Kendrick), but it was not the focus of the story. Rather, we see a protagonist waiting for a solution to her problem, and eventually discovering the solution for herself. 

Kate Spade entertained us with a story instead of directly selling their products to the audience. 

Have scientific basis for your approach

MacGyver leverages his plethora of knowledge in solving his problems. You can do the same by using analytics and tools to see what topics are of interest to your customers and how to create content of similar nature.

If you are a company offering a specific service, like essay servicesfor instance, it helps if you know the top content being shared around the web. Buzzsumo is an online tool that allows you to see trending topics, target influencers, or identify opportunities you can maximize. By giving you access to trending topics, you get an idea of the type of content that appeals and resonates with what type of audience. You also get to know top influencers on a certain topic, which you can use to support an article you are doing.

Google Analytics on the other hand will tell you how your website statistics are doing. It gives you data and metrics on post engagement, social media traffic, performance reports in every platform, and even site navigation pathways. With this kind of information in your hands, you will know what aspect of your website works and what aspect needs improvement.

It never hurts to be armed with knowledge, especially with measurable data, because it can aid you in developing the strategies you want to employ in your content marketing. 

Do the hard work

Digital content marketing does not stop with writing online content. You need to do the hard work and provide value in both the online and offline world. 

Do the hard work and provide a positive experience the omnichannel marketing way.

Red bull’s success as a brand is that it does not sell itself as just an energy drink. It markets a lifestyle, one that is characterized by extremes, and facing challenges head on.

Its marketing videos do not stop at the computer screen. Their videos are so compelling that it seems to call you to choose a life that knows what overcoming challenges should be like. It's the kind of marketing that goes beyond the screen to offer real life values.

Digital content marketing can be easy to to do if you know your target audience well enough. They have different values, and identities, but a solid understanding of their needs, especially the one being addressed by the brand, gives you insight on how to attract them until the point of sale. 

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