The Best List of Content Marketing Awards

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Creativity Seeks Recognition. Creativity Attracts Attention. Content Marketing Awards

“What is work without recognition?” – Content writers Podium

No, the article is not saying that one should work for recognition alone. But it goes without saying that when your work is recognized it definitely gives you a new energy to work the next day ( Instead of just counting days left till weekend). Always remember you’re unique – just like everyone else.

Content writers all over the word are seen creating things that will lure customers to read what they write or to buy the product. It may sound like the least important component of a marketing strategy but the fact is that it is one of the most effective and most prominent, especially during this time of the internet domination.

Every year it becomes captivating to see new entries making it big in the content writing world. The start-up V/s the giants is the real attraction to many. Companies are on the look of fresh contents and hence there are so many new creators who find their way here.

With the increasing number of content creators, the need for awarding them and keeping quality content high has also become prominent. It seems that there are as many awarding organizations as there are content writers.

With the increasing number of content creators, the need for awarding them and keeping quality content high has also become prominent. It seems that there are as many awarding organizations as there are content writers.

“Can you believe how many award shows they have now? It seems like that they have an award show for everything.

They even have awards for commercials! The Clio Awards, a whole show full of commercials.

I taped it and then I fast-forwarded through the whole thing.” – Anonymous

The real reason why awards hold such an important place apart from being a platform for recognition is to know what the world is doing, how companies can up their own game and how each day one can push the boundaries of what is possible. What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

Quite unlike the Best Employer Awards which can put a dent of $500 in your pocket, Creativity awards are difficult to rig. A rigged one will get caught by even the naked eye. 🙂

The content writers with impressive content, interactive platforms, Strong social media presence and most of all, stellar measurement plans with integrated strategies make it big in the market. It simply means all that can be clubbed in a word- creativity!


Top Awards in the Content Writing World

Not just content but awards too need to keep up so that they are the most desired one. The awards that are prominent in the content marketing word are:-

Content Marketing Awards (CMI)


The content marketing awards are entrusted and maintained by the Content Marketing Institute which was launched in the year 2004. They are the first in awarding and recognizing the efforts of the content marketing world. There are awards given by them for best project in content marketing, awards are presented to agencies or marketers who work in the industry.

There were 76 awards that were distributed in the year 2016 in various categories. The awards are listed under different categories like strategy, marketing, design and concept, content etc. The CMI award is a leading award of an international stature which presents awards for corporate.

The CMA International content Marketing Awards

The name that has been booked as the most looked forward night in the field of the content market is the CMA International content marketing Awards. There are entry rules to these awards and entries flow in from all over the world to participate in this award night. The year’s work is presented to be able to make it to this event.

Oscar Night

Digiday Content Marketing Awards

This is a name where newbies most exciting about. A place where marketing, advertising, video content, and publishing all find their place. Digiday Content Marketing Awards cover a wide range of categories.

The Killer Content Awards

This one is the favorite of startups and out of the box thinkers. The awards are looking for special content creators who have changed the game on some level. This award celebrates the one who has taken the risk and appreciate their work.

There is a wide range of brands which are associated with the award for their killer content and killer approach. The breakthrough organizations such as Waste management, Oracle, and LinkedIn are also proudly associated with the award.

The Drum Content Awards

Making a new entry is the award list is the Drum content Award who may be new in judging but are looking for excellence. The awards made the entry in the year 2015 and award’s the top talent in the content creation world.

The interesting part of the awards is the name of the awards that are presented; they have the Grand Prix award, Chair’s Awards and the award for the content marketing company. The interesting part of these awards is their selection process, they present the chair award for example to the judge’s personal favorite.

This in no way implies that there is a biased here. The judges are individual with high credibility and experience who base their judgment on various parameters which are a mark of excellence.

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards

Slightly internal yet established PR daily is known to reward professionals for their excellent work. The professionals who are associated with marketing or communication and work for the Daily by writing, editing, filming, curating, broadcasting, publishing etc. get recognized by them.

Anything and everything that is excellent and helps promote brand get a place here. Close to 15 categories consisting mainly of content series, blogging, infographics, and publication are rewarded by the award. Success always occurs in private and failure in full view.

The new entries to the type of award are real-time contents, storytelling in an interactive manner, and user-generated content. This shows that new talent and creativity is well recognized in this award.


Awardees of the year 2016

Under numerous awards comes the one whose work was recognized as the best for different profiles. I get enough exercise just pushing my luck. The awards that were presented by these organizations are listed here.

CMA Awardees

CMA awards were held in July 2016 and the winners under the categories are.

Award for the Content Marketer of the Year: Winner

Amanda Todorovich: – Amanda has over 20 years of storytelling experience Cleveland Clinic as the Director of Content Marketing. She is a passionate writer with interest areas like healthcare and strategic contents. She specializes in Social media marketing, blogging, brand creation, healthcare content marketing, PR/ Media relations etc.

Award for the Best Content Marketing Multi-Year Program Winner

Measurable Marketing Quality for Trelleborg Marine Systems by Stein IAS: – An organization that transformed its entire marketing mix after a failed attempt.

With the shift, 16,000 contacts were reached and the campaign included web optimization, email campaigns, paid search, and media content, leadership model through PR and a fully converted brand position which stands for the company’s value.

The website showed a substantial increase of 67% visitors on its website.

Award for the Highest Subscriber Growth Winner

The Intronis Blog – Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda: – well known for its security solution Intronis has proved that they are best at what they pick to do. The award highest growth subscribers are a clear example. Intronis provide Partner success organization, Partner Toolkit, security solutions to its users

Award for the Most Innovative Content Distribution Strategy Winner

Vardagspuls – Brand New Content: – The brand new content format which was developed in the year 2014 but launched in the year 2015 by Arla Sweden made it to the top and won the ‘Most innovative content Distribution Strategy Award’. Brand new content takes pride in creating catchy content for TV, Social media, magazines and mobile app.

Award for the Best Content Strategy Winner

2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN Content Strategy by Nina Hale, Inc.: – Blue Cross has worked for over half a decade to revamp NHI’s digital strategy. Blue Cross after working closely with NHI has provided its health care customers with easy plans. Healthcare has gone digital and blue cross created a strategy that the customers are currently finding easy to use.

Award for Integrated Content Marketing Program Winner

Mylan and Disney: – A partnership that started in 2014 has definitely created a buzz in the digital marketing world. The storytelling art is made dynamic by the integration of “Show and Tell” online reading books for kids. The creative content is interactive and attractive for the young audience.

Award for Content Marketing Integration or Paid Advertising Winner

GE Caulks & Sealants for Momentive by Marcus Thomas LLC: – Top marketing agency which is a well-versed name for creating paid advertising made another mark by winning the CMA award in the year 2016.

Creativity: How does Teflon stick to the pan?


The entry for the year 2017 has started in the month of February. The awards will be distributed in the last month of the year. The entry criteria for different award category may vary.

The content writers or organization should definitely send their entries for different categories. Individual writers can gain so much content from these content awards. They provide insights for them to grow and allow the newbie to learn what the market expects of them.

The organizations that are listed as awardees for these highly prestigious content marketing awards gain a lot of business. It is not a medium of recognition but a great way to internalize, reflect and gain feedback. Creating a shift in the marketing world is not a day’s job and many find a suitable role model in these awardees lists.

There are strategies that come out which would be useful in certain current business situations, hence participating or even watching an award night is beneficial. Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of.

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