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The world is struggling to find new channels to effectively communicate with customers. For many years Email has been a very dependable channel of communication.

With more and more people opening email accounts, this channel is only growing in popularity. However, stringent anti-spam regulations have acted as a deterrent for many marketers who have then ventured to find newer ways to communicate.

Marketers started adopting SMS (Short Messaging Services) to reach their consumer’s mobile phones. When compared to the cost of email, SMS was a tad more expensive. But, if you had the mobile numbers of your consumers, SMS would be a sure short communication delivery.

With the world getting more and more active on Social Media networks, marketers found this new channel to reach out and communicate to their customers.

However, social media channels are not used to send real-time notifications and are mostly limited to promotional communications.

Many companies try to use social media as a customer support channel as well, but all of them have a different opinion about supporting consumers on public social networks.

Push notifications started becoming popular with the popularity and affordability of mobile smartphones. With the advancement of technology, push notifications became compatible with web browsers as well.

Both marketers and recipients find it quite convenient to send and receive real-time notifications without compromising on direct contact details.

Choosing your Marketing Channels

As long as you do not abuse any channel, all of these mentioned channels can give you high returns. As a marketer, you need to understand your consumer’s preference as well.

If your consumers are not internet savvy, then choosing email, social media, or push notification will not give you desired results.

You will then have to resort to SMS alone. But if your consumers are heavily on the internet, you can then do your research and spread your marketing spend between email, social and push.

Browser Push Notification as a marketing channel is showing great impact in increasing repeat visitors, and when compared to re-engagement channels like Email or Retargeting has much higher ROI. It increasingly becomes part of the marketing mix.

That being said, personalization and context is the key in sending relevant and timely notifications, so that people don’t unsubscribe from these. Hence, we have a huge focus on this aspect, and we as a platform provide automation for personalization and sending contextual notifications.

Ravi Trivedi, Founder & Investor, PushEngage

Push Notification Performance Metrics / Marketing Metrics

Measuring the return on investment is extremely important and critical for professional marketers. This will help marketers take an informed decision on their Market Media Mix.

For email marketing – click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, email sharing/forwarding rate, total new leads generated, open rate, unsubscribe rate, marked as spam
For social media – brand search volume, lead growth, brand sentiment, inbound links, exit rate, time on site, audience growth rate, average engagement rate
For SMS Marketing– Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Opt-out Rate, Click Through Rate, and conversion rate.

Metrics for Push Notifications
Consumption metrics: click-through rate, average engagement rate, open rate, marked as spam, exit rate, time on app/site, engaged visit rate
Sharing metrics: forwarding/sharing rate of referral links
Lead-gen metrics: total new leads generated, lead growth rate, cost per action, cost per click, impressions, reach, frequency
Sales metrics: number of sales, total sales revenue, sales growth rate, sales conversion rate, revenue per visit, re-engagement

Why would marketers prefer Push Notifications?

Cost: Push notifications are cheapest when compared to other communication channels like SMS or Emails.
Subscribers: It takes just one click to subscribe to a push notification, whereas for an email you need to type in your email address and for SMS you need to type in your mobile number.
Prominence: Push notifications are considerably more prominent than its cousins. It can be displayed on a user’s mobile phone or a web browser without having to open any app or application.
Privacy: Push notifications to ensure the privacy of the subscriber since it does not ask to provide the user’s email or contact number.

What we bring you today is a list of the World’s best Push Notification Providers to help you in taking a quick decision in choosing your partner.


  1. Palash Bagchi
    Pushengage offers Device Targeting, Location Targeting, URL Targeting, API Targeting, Target by Country. It also offers delivery scheduling using Date and Time selector. Lost Subscriber recovery options are available. Detailed analytics for performance tracking is a key focus area. "Our Paid Plans contains several features, and depend on subscribers - Key Features - Auto Responders/Drip Marketing Automatic Segmentation Geo Segmentation Device Segmentation Browser Segmentation Multiple Site Account/ Multiple User Account Multiple Language Support Advanced Recurring Scheduling Free Plan - Contains several features like - Upto 2500 Active Subscribers, 120 notifications a month, Mobile Notifications, Desktop Notifications, Chrome Support, Firefox Support, Multi Language Support, Hosted PushEngage Subdomain, Mobile Browser Push Notifications, HTTPS Support, Welcome Notification, Scheduling Notifications, Javascript API, REST API, Old Notification Capping, Email Support, Detailed Analytics.

  2. Palash Bagchi
    The Kumulos platform started life as a hosting and API management system to help build and manage the server side of the mobile app. Its now evolved into the most comprehensive mobile app management platform for mobile app agencies with Push Notifications, App Store Optimization, App Analytics, Document sharing & collaboration, content editing all in one place. But that’s not all. It comes with a number of unique, turn-key features, custom built to help busy mobile app agencies offer services to their client. Services that help keep the dialogue flowing, so they stay close and win regular follow up client work. And the best bit, services that the agency charges monthly for, so they get more app projects on monthly retainer, once the app goes live. Roll forward to today and we have mobile app agency customers across the world and a large energetic Kumulite tribe, which tells us we must be doing something right.

    I wanted to share my experience with selecting a mobile backend for my app. I used to run my applications (I have several in the app store(s)) on Parse and was pretty happy with the backend until Facebook decided to shut down the service. After that I have evaluated all listed options and was not happy with any of them for various reasons. Firebase was not a good fit because the of their approach with JSON document being a database – I did a stress test with million nodes in the tree and the service was not performing well. AWS and Appery are quite complex and become expensive very quickly while Azure and Kumulos are quite limited in the capabilities. Kinvey is both limited and super expensive once you start doing something more serious in the app. In the end I chose Backendless ( for my backend. The service has native SDKs for all major mobile and web platforms. The usability and developer experience is by far the best I have seen. The service has an extremely flexible server-side code model where I can deploy Java and JS server-side code to override default handling of the API and to create my own API services. My apps leverage social (Facebook, Twitter, Google) login, geolocation, file upload/download, push notifications (iOS, Android) and of course data persistence, which has really awesome support for complex relations. Check it out if you are looking for a flexible and very reasonably priced backend.

  3. Palash Bagchi
    Device Targeting, Location Targeting, URL Targeting, API Targeting, Target by Country. Date and Time selector, Auto Best Delivery Time Selector for scheduling. Detailed performance tracking. "Free plan provides unlimited notifications, unlimited segments with upto a maximum 3000 subscribers. Then there are 3 paid plans: Basic, Premium and Platinum. The Basic plans adds automated segmentation based on location, device, OS along with subscriber churn analysis, detailed analytics, custom sub-domain integration, scheduled notifications and for e-commerce - automated abandoned cart notifications. The Premium plan adds our proprietory Audience Creator which lets you create dynamic segments based on user behavior and fire automated events without making any changes to your website. Premium plan users also get Timezone based scheduling, A/B Testging, Pro-analytics with geo-location, automated RSS to Push, Custom Branding and for eCommerce portals - automated abandoned cart recovery, price drop notifications and shipment notifications. You can add upto 3 websites to the same account. The Plattinum plan covers all the features mentioned above but it also adds complete multilingual support for localization in any language, a dedicated integration engineer is also provided to help with manual installation along with advanced RSS to Push, In-stock notifications for eCommerce and the option to add up to 5 sites to the same account. There is priority email and chat support available to Premium and Platinum customers. All plans offer unlimited notifications and segments. If more than 100,000 subscribers are required or for agencies who want to partner with us, we have custom plans available as well."

    I have started my e-business recently. I have e-shop in Shopify platform. Found one application which offers quite a lot of functionalities, different pushup notifications. Is there are any alternative for this one: mentioned in your article? I am interested in merchant pushes (new orders, reminders). Maybe you have tried this one as well?

  4. 4 iZooto

    Palash Bagchi
    iZooto is empowering websites to interact with users offering the highest level of personalization, the platform takes a holistic approach taking user behavior, patterns, affinity to different segments into consideration while interacting with users.

  5. Palash Bagchi
    Optimize User Engagement, Retention & Conversion Communicate in a targeted, personalized, automated and synchronized way with your mobile app users and web visitors thanks to Push Notifications for Mobile Apps, Websites, and Facebook Messenger!

  6. Palash Bagchi
    Device Targeting, Location Targeting, URL Targeting, API Targeting, Target by Country. Date and Time selector, Auto Best Delivery Time Selector for Schedule, lost subscriber recovery and detailed performance analytics. OneSignal is 100% free for clients that allow us to use non-personal data about their app and users for research and marketing purposes. OneSignal also offers affordable paid plans with added support or privacy options.

  7. Palash Bagchi
    With support across 16 platforms including iOS, Android, Unity, JS and Windows, never lose any customer. Send push to your users on any device running on any platform to widen your reach and accessibility. Without having to write a single line of code, integrate push in your app quickly with App42’s descriptive tutorials and documentation. Send push and start boosting user engagement within minutes with our user-friendly management console.

  8. Palash Bagchi
    Send your messages to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard. Choose your audience based on user name, specific device, geographic location or send a broadcast. In a blink!

  9. Palash Bagchi
    When you sign up for FoxPush technology, your website visitors can subscribe to receive push notifications, allowing you to communicate with them whenever they are online, wherever they may be.

  10. 10 Batch

    Palash Bagchi
    Our tight-knit team of product designers & top engineers has been working together on some of the most ambitious mobile products since 2008 – our SDK has been downloaded > 350 000 000 times in all countries in the world (including North Korea!). Interestingly enough, many marketers still believe that sending ‘too many’ notifications will make their clients run for the hills. This is a false assumption. The right message – with the right information or promotion – sent at the proverbial ‘right time’ to the right person, inherently contributes to the service dimension of mobile apps.

  11. Palash Bagchi
    LetReach enables you to reach your web traffic with push notifications. Push notifications are clickable cards/messages that can be instantly sent to your subscribers even when their browser is closed.

  12. Palash Bagchi
    Catapush is a simple, reliable and scalable delivery API for operational push notifications for applications. Ideal for sending data-driven transactional notifications including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages. Get delivery confirmation with real-time status for each message sent and build intelligent messaging logic in your real-time applications.

  13. Palash Bagchi
    Pushwoosh real time stats will tell you how many of your users received the push, how many of them opened it and how many uninstalled your app. All of that is available immediately after sending the push. The possibility to reach users located in a special area at the real time. You can precisely select your targeted zone by setting the distance in meters from the chosen longitude and latitude. For example your user could get a push with the dish of the day passing by the restaurant or the advertisement of a new book entering the bookstore.

  14. 14 Pushify

    Palash Bagchi
    Pushify majorly supports all the vital browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. These are pioneers of current browsing arena. Without any hindrance, just copy the code from the dashboard in your web page and your customers will start receiving notifications within seconds. It’s easy and convenient.

  15. Palash Bagchi
    Reach anyone, Reach anywhere. Push notification services work over this slogan to promote any product/ service/ brand within few seconds. Have you heard about the popup alert messages that suddenly comes into the screen and display the data. Push notifications notify the user when they are operating any device like - smartphone, tablet or even desktop. With the help of push notifications, professionals can send alerts to lots of users by just one click. As well as, there is no need to use respective application of products or anything else. If anyone uses Firefox or Chrome browser, will get a popup which contains information about anything.

  16. Palash Bagchi
    Simply schedule a notification for that time. when your audience is most active, so that more visitors can click, engage & subscribe. Images attract everyone!So when you add images in your notification it will engage more visitors.With PushCrew, you can add custom images to notifications. You can separate your audience in the groups based on interests, preference or anything at all, and send them notifications according to that.

  17. Palash Bagchi
    OpenPush enables real-time push notifications to be delivered direct to everyone who wants to receive them – regardless of which mobile, desktop or media device they happen to be using. This innovative solution reduces cost and complexity for developers while providing greater convenience and added features for end users.

  18. 18 Pushpad

    Palash Bagchi
    Transactional Notifications & User Authentication Safely authenticate your users with SSO and target users and groups instead of devices. Tag-based Routing Filter your audience with tags and expressions (AND, OR, NOT) and manage notification preferences for each device. Marketing Campaigns & Bulk Notifications Sometimes you just want to reach all your subscribers. It's very simple and you can reach your audience in a few seconds, even if you have thousands of users.

  19. Palash Bagchi
    We have been offering outstanding push notification to thousands of clients across the globe. In order to handle all your push notification needs, we have a devoted server within our system. With our services, you can easily maximize the tools, in a bid to deliver unlimited push notifications to the intended recipients within a blink of the eye. We also provide guides that are well structured to help our clients on how to integrate our push notifications within a very short period.

  20. 20 Boxcar

    Palash Bagchi
    As we are focusing on push, we are always on the edge and are providing state of the art push service. We want to stick to third-party changes on push platform as soon as they happen so that you can deliver the best experience for your users. You will have access to the latest features for Android and iOS, with always more to come for push.

  21. 21 Pusher

    Palash Bagchi
    Everything you need to build scalable real-time apps. An easy and reliable platform, where every feature comes with every plan.

  22. Palash Bagchi
    Device Targeting, Location Targeting, URL Targeting, API Targeting, Target by Country. Date and Time selector for notification schedule and detailed performance tracking. All for Free!

  23. Palash Bagchi
    Reach your customers in the moments that matter. Send notification-style messages at every step in the customer journey with Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform.

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