Bounce Rate-Should I be Worried? ?

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What is Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors that exit your website after viewing only one page.

Why should you be worried about Bounce Rate?


A high Bounce Rate indicates that a visitor did not find the page they landed on, relevant to their interests or it did not fulfill their drive to click-through on the referring link. This is not always the case. If your blog is being tracked by Google Analytics and visitor lands on one of your blog posts and the content they seek is clearly available, they may have no further interest in diving deeper into your website.

A low Bounce Rate, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean your users are happily engaged with your site. If you pair a low Bounce Rate with a high number of Page views and low conversions, your visitors may be frustrated and unable to find what they are looking for even after searching and are leaving your site unfulfilled.

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Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits to total visits, whereas Exit Rate (% Exit) is the percentage of site exits that occur. A visitor, who visits your website, loads one single page or blog, and leaves, is considered in both your Bounce Rate and your Exit Rate. A visitor who visits your website, loads one page (or blog post) and continues on to another blog post or another page on your site, is considered in only your Exit Rate.

To view the Exit Pages for your website — the pages where visitors are leaving your site from, go to the Exit Pages report under Content > Site Content > Exit Pages.


How can visitors bounce from your site?


  1. By clicking on a link to a page to a different website
  2. Clicking the Back Button to Leave the Site
  3. Clicking an open window or tab site
  4. Typing a new URL in the same browser page
  5. Session Timeout when a visitor leaves your page unattended for a certain duration.

Why do visitors bounce from your website?


  1. Irritating Popup ads, streaming music or video are the highest contributors to increasing the bounce rates.
  2. Pages that have a high SERP for irrelevant keywords contribute the next towards high bounce rates.
  3. Landing Page design not optimized for visitor engagement is the 3rd largest factor.
  4. Slow website speed is the 4th biggest contributor to high bounce rates.
  5. Irritating full page ads contribute significantly to higher bounce rates.
  6. External website links in the first paragraph of your blog result in increasing the bounce rate.


How can you improve your Website Bounce Rate?

Now that you understand what factors affect bounce rates, it should not be difficult to find ways to reduce it.

  1. Obviously, do not write everything and all possible information on one single page. Allow the visitor to generate curiosity and provide a link to another of your page or blog within the article.
  2. Banner ads are a fuel to your content. But do not over do it. Place them in unobtrusive areas of your website.
  3. Stop streaming audio and auto play videos on your page.
  4. Use scientific layout and brand colors to provide a soothing experience to your visitor.
  5. Ensure that you optimize your website for better speeds. AMP is a good option so is Facebook Instant Articles.
  6. Don’t get encouraged with Full page ads or even full page Subscribe to List pop-ups. Place pop-ups after 60% page scroll or on exit intent only.
  7. Ensure that when you are giving a reference to an external website, you are not putting it in the first paragraph.
  8. Improve your writing skills and content quality. After every 2 paragraphs think to yourself that why will the reader continue with your article.
  9. Be very particular about the keyword for which you are optimizing your page. SEO experts generally resort to keyword stuffing which may lead to an unqualified optimization.
  10. Use the Sidebars to show more relevant and popular articles from your blog.

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Should I be worried about Bounce Rates?

Site metrics, like a bounce rate, should be looked at on a case-by-case basis to determine if, for example, a bounce rate is good or bad. For example, the bounce rate for an entrance page (an entrance page is any page where people enter the site from some traffic source) may seem like a high percentage. Let’s say it’s over 60 percent, which many people would assume is bad because it means most people are viewing this page and going no further into the website. The other way to look at it is that your landing page had enough good content to satisfy the visitor’s needs. As per this article by SearchEngineWatch, you need not be worried about Bounce Rates affecting your SEO.


Email Bounce Rate

Now is this a definite area of concern. I just realized that not everyone has been thinking about email marketing when Bounce Rates are mentioned. In the case of email marketing, you need to be particularly careful to have low bounce rates. Ideally, your bounce rate for any campaign should not exceed 3%. With increasing bounce rates, your sending domain has high chances of getting blacklisted. You can reduce email bounce rates by using good email verification and cleaning tools.

If you are keen to pick up a few unique SEO techniques, click here.


Be more worried about conversion rather than Bounce Rates.

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