Don’t Cry over the Crypto Market Crash

As reality sets in you will realize that it will not be anytime soon when the Crypto market will bounce back.

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I know that many of you have lost thousands, some have lost millions. But I will tell you why not to cry over this, and how are smart investors capitalizing even in the bleeding crypto market crash.

During October 2017 1 ETH was around US$450. By Christmas, ETH was soaring at  $900, and by mid-January 2018 it had peaked to almost $1600. Those who had invested in ETH during Christmas can still rejoice, although, notwithstanding the fact that just 2 weeks back you had already made plans to buy that beachside villa. Now you may be contemplating how to pay your daughter’s school fees.

As reality sets in you will realize that it will not be anytime soon when the Crypto market will bounce back. At the same time, you should also realize that all those nocoiners who were waiting for such a market crash, with their statement of “I told you so”, are also not something that should bother you.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are incumbent and preparing this world for the future. Traditional Fiat will lose its shine in less than a decade. And these market crashes are only preparing this world to become resilient to cryptocurrency.

But the problem at hand is to find a clever way to continue making gains in the crypto world. I am sure most of you reading this article have already lost appetite for traditional investment assets. So what are the smart investors doing now?

One, if you have spare fiat, now is the time to re-enter the market to buy Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and likes off.
Two, if you are stuck with heavy investments in these coins already, do not try an exit at this moment. Invest those coins to buy Altcoins from Initial Coin Offerings.
Three, If you find an ICO that will be listed in just about 30 days or so, go for it.
Four, if such an ICO’s Token price is pegged against ETH or BTC, instead of USD, then you straight away make double of what you would have made 2 weeks back.

I am assuming that you already know how to identify an ICO’s investment suitability as I am not writing about it here. Just add the above mentioned 4 points to your selection criteria and come out as the most successful investor of all times. Leverage this market crash to your advantage.

For all others, you still can consider other people’s plights and feel relieved.

crypto market crash

Disclaimer: Retainly ICO is the only ICO pegged against ETH, and the author is the founder of Retainly.

Don't Cry over the Crypto Market Crash
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Don't Cry over the Crypto Market Crash
As reality sets in you will realize that it will not be anytime soon when the Crypto market will bounce back.
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