The Retainly Stories have a singular objective. Help the world and aspiring digital marketers with good and knowledgeable content for free. With around 165K Email Subscribers, over 40K monthly traffic, 18K Twitter Followers, and 1500 Facebook Followers, Retainly Stories have the power to take your content to places it may not have been before.

If you have exceptional writing skills and would want to share your experience with a large audience of bloggers, digital marketers, growth hackers, and business owners, we’d love to publish your posts. Although it is difficult to set number stats for a piece or art, we still would prefer certain guidelines to publish your post.

Crisp Content Guidelines

Content: Original concepts, compelling arguments, and problem-solving solutions. We don’t republish anything that’s been published elsewhere. All content goes through a plagiarism checker.

Length: We are looking for posts between 1,000 and 1,500 words, approximately. We have found that longer, more in-depth posts do well with our audience.

Images: Don’t forget to include at least one image, especially if you’re referencing data or tools. Screen shots welcome!

Search: We like to be smart about search, and recommend using a keyword analysis tool.

Credit: Please credit all sources, references, facts, and figures.

Humor: We always like to inject a healthy dose of humor into everything we do. Own your voice!


That’s it, not much. Now jump in straight away.





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