How to Increase your Email Open Rates to 50% or More

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increase email open rates


Email marketing has increasingly become popular across industries. It has consistently established itself as the marketing channel with highest Return on Investment(ROI). On an average, for every $1 spent $44.25 is the return from email marketing campaigns. Infographic. However, if your email campaigns have a low open rate, then you will fail to achieve this ROI. You can compare an average open rate of emails based on Industry and figure out how your campaigns are performing. If you have a lower than the average open rate, then read this quick article and increase email open rates.

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We will classify factors influencing open rates under 2 categories: Technical and Marketing.


There are various technical parameters that ensure that your emails are not landing in the spam box of your recipient. If they are, then you have a 100% chance that your subscribers will never be able to open and read your emails.

  1. Sending Domain: Check your domain reputation using this free tool from WatchGuard. If your domain reputation is Bad or Suspect, it is advisable that you register a new domain only for the purpose of sending emails. This will also save your primary domain from getting a bad SEO.
  2. Email Spam Check: Before sending your email campaign, you should check its SPAM score. Use this Free and reliable tool to check your email Spam Score. Your email will be checked against various parameters like DKIM Signature, SPF, if your HTML is well formatted – follows general principals of on-page SEO, etc. You can also use G-Lock apps to test your email before sending.
  3. No Link shortener: Avoid using link shortener services for the links inside your email.
  4. Unsubscribe Link: always provide unsubscribe link in your emails by default.
  5. Use Professional Delivery Servers: Always use professional email delivery services or ESP, configure your account properly with tracking domains and bounce domain handler. Here is a list of affordable email delivery service providers.

With these, you can increase email open rates by 35% to 40%.

Always prefer to use your own sending domain rather than an ESP that offers email sending via a shared IP. You may be sharing the IP with a pool of 20 more senders. And someone spams it, will result in your mails landing in Spam Box.

There are several non-technical parameters with which your emails can increase open rates. These are however tested based on big volumes of data sent over a long period of time. Many of these are based on human nature as well.

Email Spam Word Checker


  1. Subject Line: You may not realize, but your email subjects have a very big impact on the open rates. 65 characters seem to be a sweet spot for email subject lines, which is about 15 characters more than the average subject line. Subject lines with a “Call to Action” or a “Verb” have shown a significant increase in email open rates. Don’t use ALL CAPS for the subject, Don’t add Re: to your subject line to deceive readers- it may work once, but your reader will unsubscribe you the next time.
  2. SPAM Trigger words: Avoid using words in your email that can awaken a spam assassin. Check your email content with the World’s only Free Email Spam Content checker tool.
  3. Mobile Friendly: 70% of emails are being read on mobile phones these days. So it becomes even more important that your email template and design is mobile friendly and works on all possible email clients. You can use Litmus, EmailOnAcid to test your email. Also, here is a free tool to test your email on various platforms.
  4. Ask for a Reply: It is good to ask for a reply in your email- Once a subscriber replies, your sender id becomes more legitimate for the Spam filters.
  5. Preview Snippet: Use your email preview snippet wisely. Don’t repeat the same subject in the snippet and don’t forget to change the default snippet of your campaign designer. Use the snippet to quickly pass on additional attractive information about your email that will entice the subscriber to open and read it more.
  6. List Quality: If you have a poor quality list, where subscribers have not been reached out for quite some time, or too many inactive emails in your list, your email may result in bounces thereby affecting your domain reputation – which will reduce your open rates.

With these, you can increase email open rates by another 20% to 25%.

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