How To Use Web Design For Building Loyalty

A website isn't read like a book; it's actually scanned for the most important and interesting information.

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First impression does matter, and you need to be aware of the fact that your company’s webpage is the first thing your potential clients see and it’s usually what helps them decide if they want to do business with you or not. That’s why you need to design the website in a specific way so it can help you earn your audience trust and improve your business. Here’s what you need to have as a part of a good web design:

1. A homepage that convinces users you have what they need

Only 8 seconds are enough for a user to decide whether they will stay on your site or not, depending on how attractive and clear the site seemed to them. It means that’s the time you’ll have to show them your business is just what they need or your products are the one they will want to purchase. So, you mustn’t clutter up the site with too many messages and layout a bad design – the user will immediately leave the page.

A clean layout is what you need – choose attractive photos and bold typography that can clearly be displayed both on a desktop and a mobile device. Colors are also an important part of stressing out a specific message, so make sure you use the right one.

2. Easy navigation

The better the navigation is organized, the easier will the users find the information they need. It means that navigation should be intuitive, in the sense that it follows a user’s natural way of searching for the right information. This is how it becomes effortless to use. The moment the user feels frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will leave the page.

The key is clarity – the menu should be easy to understand and it has to reflect the site’s organization.

3. Transparency and usefulness

If you want to build trust with your potential clients, you need to demonstrate you are competent and your company is credible. Your motives and goals have to be completely transparent, meaning the “About us” page should include information on what your company stands for, who your employees are, what is that you offer and how is it different than other similar products or services out there.

Another way to be transparent is to create the company’s blog, where the audience can be engaged – people like getting answers quickly, as well as to be able to see others’ reviews on what your company is offering.

If you have an e-commerce website, the products’ description has to be precise and accurate, as well as the cancellation and return policies.

4. Content organization

A website isn’t read like a book; it’s actually scanned for the most important and interesting information. This dictates your content strategy – headlines, product categories, and important announcements have to be visible and easy to read.

The strategy means you should divide the content into several blocks. This will allow the user to quickly skim through the content and finding relevant information in a couple of seconds. The key is to put the most important information at the top.

5. Photos of human faces

It has been scientifically proven that people are drawn to images of other people, regardless of the context around it. Any creative web design company will use the power of pictures with smiling, content people in them. The thing is – if it is properly placed, a photo with a human face helps to build the connection between the user and the story on the page. When it comes to the “About us” page, make sure you include photos of your employees – clients like to know who exactly they will be dealing with if they opt for you. In case you sell products, you will motivate the potential clients to relate to the product if you place pictures of people using those products.

6. Credentials

Putting credentials on the page is one more way to build your clients’ trust. Any awards you have won, certifications that you possess – put them for the users to see.

Another option to show how your company works well is to enter industry contests – certification will demonstrate your company supports expanding knowledge and life-long learning.

Another way to win the trust of customers is to post your awards, certifications, and credentials on your website.

All in all

It’s probably clearer to you why web design has such a big impact on your customers’ experience, which directly influences the company’s success. Web design isn’t just a skillful visual decoration of a site – it needs detailed planning and clear goals that are behind every step of the strategy.

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