Increasing Mobile App Adoption with Blockchain

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The mobile app from Waze grew by 127% in 2017. It has 500 Million Downloads and 7.2 Million customer reviews averaging to 4.6 out of 5 in the Android PlayStore alone. Would you want your app to grow at the same pace? Discover how Mobile App Adoption with Blockchain can take your app to the next level.


The mobile app from Waze grew by 127% in 2017. Would you want to Replicate the success? Read how Click To Tweet

While every business aims at creating a mobile app, very few end up with a successful adoption. While Waze offers significant value to customers helping them find the least congested route to their destination, they were in direct competition with Google Maps (Waze was Later acquired by Google). Both the apps are free to use. So do not jump to conclusion that it was easy for Waze to get such a high growth for their mobile app.


The Waze App idea was born many years ago when Ehud Shabtai, a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University, received a PDA with an external GPS navigation software. Ehud’s initial excitement quickly turned into disappointment – the product did not reflect the frequent changes that characterize the real ride on the roads.

Being an experienced programmer with extensive experience on web2.0 Ehud took charge and began to build the road platform that combined the world’s first dynamic GPS, open source software, and a community of drivers. His goal? Accurately reflect the state of the roads, traffic conditions and any necessary information to drivers at any given moment.

The first mapping project called Freemap officially launched in 2006 – and was received enthusiastically by the community of drivers in Israel. Two years later a member of Ehud entrepreneurs Uri Levin and Amir shake established the Waze as you know it today.



Another classic example is that of StarMaker that has over 10 million download and 261K Reviews averaging to 4.4 out of 5 in the Android PlayStore. The reason we are analyzing StarMaker is their amazing gamification which adds to the user experience.


Milestone 1: Getting your first 1000 downloads.


You can purchase downloads but that won’t last. So focus on reaching out to your targeted audience using personalized communications via email or social ads. Identify small focused community or forums of your targeted users and reach out to them individually to adopt and test your app. Don’t forget to included automated review requests in your app, but also make sure that you don’t keep asking for a review every time your users opens the app.

Milestone 2: Growing from your first 1000 downloads to your 50K downloads

By the time you have your first 1000 users you would have received sufficient feedback to improve and improvise on your user onboarding flow. This is, however, a continuous effort and never stop relooking and improving upon this. To grow beyond 1000, you now need to start advertising your app using specialized mobile ad networks.

Your users don’t feel good to be alone inside your app, so think about how to build an interactive community feature. Start leveraging the strength of a happy set of 1000 users by starting a referral marketing program. Reward your affiliates handsomely.

Milestone 3: Retaining and growing your users to a million and beyond

Once you have your 50K user base, you will start seeing significant and fast dropouts, uninstalls. Take a look at the gamification done by StarMaker. Apart from the intrinsic value of your app offering, you need to create a point and reward structure to continue encouraging your users to keep coming back to your app and use it more and more. Use Marketing automation tools to send real-time communications to your app users preferably a platform like Retainly that supports multi-channel communication like email, SMS, Push, and in App.

RETN is building a reward token using Blockchain that will help mobile app users offer RETN Cash for the points and rewards. This could significantly boost app adoption and retention. API endpoints from RETN SDK allow mobile app developers to easily create a reward token allocation and redemption in auto mode. This also reduces significant surcharges on reward redemption using traditional payment gateways.

There cannot be a better way to increase mobile app adoption than creating a loyalty and rewards program. When the rewards are given in Cash, it creates the ultimate combination. Blockchain technology can significantly make it easy to create a cash back loyalty program for your mobile app.

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