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Protect Your Home When Lightning Strikes

Perhaps you are thinking that lightning does not strike twice in the same place. The reality is that lighting can strike twice in the same place. And most of the time they strike more than once. Lighting can come back again and again if the conditions that have attracted them for the first time which is a cloud to ground attraction is still there.

Lightning is very powerful and can bring about many harmful effects. It can carry hundreds of millions of volts, potentially. Lightning can melt and vaporize metals, burst bricks and stones shatter concrete, split wood and more. If you are to have a lightning protection system, then it should protect your home against these types of damages.

Statistics show that damages due to lightning reaches several hundred million dollars. Property is not the only one that is damaged, but it also kills people and severely injured some. Proper lightning protection in the home can help prevent these serious damages from occurring.

Lightning rods is one of the best protection that you can install in your home. Installing a lightning rod system in you home that is properly designed and is reliable can ensure a safe, effective, and reliable protection for your home. This can help keep your home safe from damages no matter what the size, location or construction of your home is.

Lightning protection systems use materials that are conductors. With the lightning protection system is in place, electricity from received by the lightning rod when the lightning hits it is quickly discharged harmlessly to the ground. You will not even know that a lightning has already struck your house if you have a lightning protection system.

Trees don’t conduct electricity well and this is the reason why they cannot protect your home from lightning. If your trees are struck by lightning then it has a potential to damage your home if the current follows a ground voltage route to it. It is also thus important to put lightning protection to your trees.

Protect yourself when lightning strikes by installing lightning rods and protectors. Today lightning protection systems are undetectable. They are practically invisible from the ground. Your lightning protection system can be concealed within your walls leaving just the roof top air terminals exposed.

You have to see to it that your lightning protection system in installed properly. You need to call the services of a trained expert to install your lightning protection system. If it is improperly installed, sparks can be caused that can lead to fires, death or injury. Don’t try to install the system yourself to avoid accidents. Installation experts will adhere to the requirements of national safety standards when they install the system for you.

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