Major Policy Changes to effect GDPR Compliance

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RETN Deals is working towards a better compliant business model. Apart from the recommendations to become fully GDPR compliant, we are also taking this opportunity to refine some of our major business processes that will include earnings from Sign-ups, referrals, Sweepstakes (Upcoming), and store cash backs.

All members of RETN deals are advised to redeem their RETN Balances into their wallets before 2nd June 2018 12:00 PM GST before 8th June 2018 12:00 PM GST. On this date, all consumer wallet balance will be set to 0 and no support queries will be responded for those who did not redeem their tokens.


To facilitate redemption by all, the minimum withdrawal limits of Rs. 2500 is now reduced to Rs.250 and which will be reversed post 2nd June 2018 8th June 2018.

Note: If you have activated tools like BitBounce in your email, add as an approved sender immediately. If not, then after certain email notification bounces your account may be automatically deleted.

Our Terms and Conditions, as well as Privacy Policies, will also go through major changes in the effect of GDPR.

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22 comments, 4 shares, 519 points

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