Remote Workers and Project Management: The Best Platforms for Team Integration

Collaboration and communication among team members is an effective way to encourage productivity. This might be hard if some of your team members are remote workers.

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Encouraging and reinforcing high levels of collaboration and communication with all the members of your team is one of the most effective ways to encourage productivity. This can be difficult when some of your team members are remote workers, but there are solutions out there. Here are some of the best project management platforms for team integration of remote workers.


The elephant in the room when it comes to project management apps, Basecamp is the current gold standard for keeping teams on track and working towards their goals. Acting as a central hub for your team that’s accessible from the web and from mobile devices, Basecamp can host files, events, to-do lists, notes, and even more. The first month is free, but subscriptions start at as little as $20 a month afterward.


A user-friendly “virtual whiteboard”, free-to-use Trello is ideal for product management when you have a widespread team. With both iOS and Android versions, remote working team members can use the app to stay connected whether they’re working out of their home office or if they’re out in the field. Boasting a number of organizational boards and options, Trello is a solid choice.


Primarily a task management app, Asana nevertheless provides high levels of functionality as a project management app as well. Create and share task lists with teams of any size and in any location, with the benefit of mobile app access and being able to be in any number of teams at the same time. With several built-in integrations and free access for teams of 15 people and fewer, Asana is a flexible resource for your team.

Microsoft Project

The Rolls Royce of project management apps, Microsoft Project has some of the best functionality out there — but it comes at a price. Licensing fees are in the hundreds of dollars, making Microsoft Project positioned more for much larger companies, but thanks to its rich feature set it’s highly popular with project managers with large teams spread across the country or even the globe.


Flexible, out-of-the-box thinking creates productive teams, and using web in innovative ways is part of such creativity. That’s where Evernote comes in — it’s not a project management app but instead a note-taking tool. However, that hasn’t stopped a number of people from using it to keep organized across a number of different projects at once. With both a free version or a $45-a-year subscription, Evernote’s also a low-cost alternative to more expensive apps.


While Podio was originally designed for medium-sized and larger teams, the features of this project management app easily put it up there with more well-known products. Integrated social intranet and CRM capabilities help with keeping connected to far-flung colleagues, and with fee scales ranging from free to just $24 per month per employee, there’s a level of service that’s likely to be ideal for the needs of your team.

The Final Word

Lest you forget, choosing the right project management app for your team is more than just base efficiency; it’s a form of professional development. With productive workers being ones that work well together, even when they’re not all in the same office, it’s important to choose project management software that will reinforce positive team working aspects and avoid collaboration killers . That’s why choosing the right project management solution for your team is so integral to its continued success.

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