How to Safeguard from Phishing Websites

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Prevent yourself from getting Phished out of your ETH


With the growing popularity of Retainly ICO, many unscrupulous characters are creating replica sites with similar looking domains like Retainly. You may land into such Phishing sites from ads or direct communications. Sometimes such links are also spread on forums and chat rooms using a short link generator.

Follow these best practices:

  1. When intending to Whitelist or Invest in Retainly ICO, always use a PC or a Laptop. People usually don’t look at the domains when browsing from a Mobile Phone.
  2. Double check that the page you are currently on is of this domain:
  3. Retainly does not have any other official domain.
  4. Follow Retainly on all its Official Social Channels so that under any circumstances, you can visit those social channels and navigate back to the Original Website.

Important Guidelines on how to Buy RETN during ICO/Pre ICO

Warning! Do not send ETH to our address from any commercial wallet. Retainly will not be responsible for the loss or non-receipt of your RETN.

Follow these guidelines:

In Short

  1. Send ETH to Retainly’s Address using a Public ERC20 Address.
  2. Retainly’s Smart Contracts are programmed to automatically send you RETN as soon as 12 blocks process confirmation of your ETH transfer.
  3. If you do not have a public ERC20 Address, create one using MEW / Mist. Check below how to create ERC20 address using MEW.
  4. Then transfer ETH from your Commercial Wallet to your ERC20 Wallet.
  5. Do not send ETH using any commercial wallet like Coinbase or imToken. Also, do not send ETH from any Exchange.

In detail

Option1: Using MIST & Etherum Wallet (Desktop app)

  1. Open Mist
  2. Confirm that you are synced with the network (no pending blocks)
  3. In case using Etherum Wallet Desktop app ensure its synced (no blocks pending), click on the SEND tab. send
  4. In the TO, paste the address of the RETN PREICO Contract, in the AMOUNT field, enter the amount of ETH you want to send. Note: There is a limit of minimum ETH, if you send less than that, you will lose all your gas. account
  5. Move the slider of Select Fee to the lowest Value
  6. Click Send, it will prompt your password.
  7. Enter your password and Click on SEND TRANSACTION.
  8. Once the payment succeeds, it will be listed in the LATEST TRANSACTIONS (on WALLETS tab). tran

Option 2: Using Metamask

  1. Login to your Metamask
  2. Ensure you are connected to Main Network and you have enough ETH balance in your account. (Or, choose the account which has ETH, by selected the account icon) metamask
  3. Click on SEND
  4. And fill the contract address in the recipient address, and enter the ETH amount. Ensure that you have filled amount more than the minimum required amount. Click Next. contract
  5. Metamask will prompt you to confirm the details with the image like below confirm
  6. Do not the change the Gas Limit, You can adjust the Gas Price to as minimal as your need. It is advised to keep a good amount of GWEI so that your transaction is processed quickly. Click on SUBMIT.
  7. Once processed and succeeded, you can see the transaction listed.

How to create a New ERC 20 Address


  1. Click
  2. Enter a Strong Password and click “Create New Wallet”


  1. Ensure that the active network is myetherwallet


Save the newly created ETH address. You will receive RETN to this address.

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