Tips for Startupers: 5 Proven Strategies of Increasing Employee Productivity

Many strategies for developing employee productivity have been developed. Companies should try out until they find what works best for them.

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Over the years, many strategies for developing employee productivity have been proposed. Some have proven to be more effective than others, but as of now, there is no single method that was proven to always work. Therefore, companies should try out multiple strategies until they find what works best for them. And they can start by taking a glance at the list we have provided in the rest of this article.

Training Seminars

The pace of modern life dictates that everyone has to keep broadening and developing their skills in order to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. That is why companies should offer their employees training opportunities as a part of their contract. This allows employees to combine work and self-improvement, saving them the trouble of doing it by themselves. As for productivity gains, training can help in two ways. First, it can inspire a sense of gratitude in employees, making them more willing to work harder. Second, it allows the employer to fine-tune their workforce for their specific business needs. 

Team-Building Events

Not every job requires direct cooperation with other people, but any work a person does will ultimately have an impact on others within the firm. If workers are aware of this, they are likely to adjust their work depending on how they relate their coworkers. Ideally, they should see themselves as members of a team, where each member contributes their maximum in order to achieve the assigned goals. However, this sense of camaraderie is not something guaranteed to arise on its own. Sometimes a nudge is needed, and that’s where team-building comes into play. Organizing team-building events is a great way to give employees the opportunity to get to know each other better, strengthening their bonds in the process. Implementing this strategy is fairly straightforward when you get down to it. Just book a venue, contact a mobile bar hire service for catering, and let people mingle.

Reduce Micromanagement

In the last 50 years, a wealth of new management styles have appeared on the market. The idea was that having the just right company organization is the major contributing factor for long-term success and growth. An unfortunate side-effect of this managerial inflation was the idea that every part of the working process should be managed. This ‘micro-managerial’ approach to running a company was over time proven to be counter-productive. Employees grew frustrated with having their work process interrupted and controlled every step of the way. Instead, a strategy opposite to this one was developed. Workers were given more freedom on how they approached their work, provided certain results were met. And the strategy was proven to work time and time again.

Foster Communication

Sometimes the solution that a business is facing won’t come from company leadership. In fact, solutions often come from someone working much lower on the totem pole of the company hierarchy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep everyone up to speed with potential problems and issues a company is likely to face. And fostering a culture of dialogue is the best way to do this. Employees and managers alike should be encouraged to talk about company-related topics, both specific and general ones. This speeds up the process of overcoming hurdles, thus ensuring a smoother growth process.

Provide Supportive Leadership

Leadership is one of the key factors in employee motivation. Supportive leaders work closely with employees – trust and a sympathetic ear are powerful incentives for keeping veterans focused and developing new talent. Good leaders act as role models, holding themselves to high standards of accountability that set an example for all. Leaders that work hard inspire others to do so as well, creating a ripple effect on productivity across the whole company. 

Building and maintaining employee productivity and motivation is essential for the success of any company. Fostering a work environment that keeps employees happy and motivated will ensure steady productivity growth over time, and should never be neglected when running a company of any size.

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