TokenStars The First Celebrity Management Platform on Blockchain

TokenStars connects rising talents and successful PROs in sports and entertainment with fans and advertisers.

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Fans support future stars by buying tokens. A rising star receives money to train, improve the skills. When  successful, the star pays the platform commission from the sponsorship  deals and prize money. Commission is paid in tokens, which are bought on the market.                        

During the  growth period (which is 4 years in tennis, 0 in poker) the fans can  redeem tokens for various services, provided by the rising stars.

The star conducts his personal ICO, gets  upfront payment for various exclusive communications with the fans  (locker-room tour, dinners, chats, merchandize).                        

Some offers are  sold at auctions. Offers like video chats have unlimited number of  participants. Celebrity time is a precious and limited resource. Which  is a fundamental growth factor.


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10 shares, 524 points

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