Top 26 Email Finder Tools for Lead Generation

Without a doubt, one of the most essential duties for marketers is to discover, validate and reverse lookup numerous contacts every day. At startups, especially at one that has been developing from including double-checks marks to Gmail for email tracking, you quickly understand the importance of simplicity.

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Without a doubt, one of the most essential duties for marketers is to discover, validate and reverse lookup numerous contacts every day using email finder tools. At startups, especially at one that has been developing from including double-checks marks to Gmail for email tracking, you quickly understand the importance of simplicity.

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Why is finding someone’s e-mail address profitable? Intuitively, all of us understand the strength of contacting the proper prospects. Look at after look at indicates, for example, that the best way to find a lead is through business networking.



And for decades now, interdisciplinary research have found the importance and outcomes of social networking in an array of regions, from psychology and politics to enterprise and the formation of social capital in fashionable.

Making the correct contact matters most in the lead generation exercise. And the way you pick out to begin a communication with that character makes all of the distinction.



Occasionally, the quality process to get a person’s attention is to knock on their door or supply them a chilly call, as marketing campaign volunteers will rightly advocate you to do. Among all these, sending them a cold email is better. Even better is sending them a time delayed sequence of drip emails.

Here is a world’s best list of email finder tools, many of them are free. You can use a combination of these tools and get more than 500 emails per month free.

  1. Palash Bagchi
    If you can provide the person's First Name+Last Name, and the Domain, EmailMatcher will fetch you that person's email id. EmailMatcher also has a Chrome Extention that can detect the website domain you are currently on. Available for Free, for now.

  2. Palash Bagchi
    Look up email, phone, social links for over 250 million professionals, across 6 million companies, worldwide. Find anyone's personal and work email, phone numbers, and full profile information from 50+ sites in a single search. Never waste time manually prospecting again! For $49 a month you get 170 lookups and their API access.

  3. Palash Bagchi
    Nymeria will reveal 300 email contacts per month from Linkedin and Github for free. For just $9 per month you can get unlimited email extracts and exports.

  4. Palash Bagchi
    Do you need the contact details of those companies using Web Technology AWS? Or just their CIO's email ids? Elucify is a free and crowdsourced database for business contact information. They take the business information given to them anonymously by users and combine that with a vast array of data that is publicly scraped to try and build the best business contact database on the internet without a paywall. Elucify users are sales professionals who come from every industry. They come to Elucify because: They need an to up-to-date “source of truth” to find high-quality emails of decision-makers at specific companies They need a low-cost (it’s free!) way to access profile data of over 3 million contacts at over 300,000 businesses across the US They need contextual information on the companies they are selling to, such as location data, web stack, top leadership, and more.

  5. Palash Bagchi
    Find Emails of Decision Makers and Phone Numbers of Businesses. Find Prospects and Leads using their Chrome Plugin. Search and Add them at AeroLeads to get their Email id and Business Phone Number. Find business emails of decision makers with their title, location and company emails with phone numbers, address etc. For $49 a month, find 50 qualified prospects. does a good job in finding prospects info with full company, contact and social info. It has 3 cool products for free: Prospector, Email Finder and Email Checker. You can build 150 leads every month using Prospector and 150 credits to use Email Finder and Checker tools. Palash, I highly recommend adding this tool to your list.

  6. Palash Bagchi
    Find and validate email addresses of anyone by just knowing their name and website. Achieve a higher level of certainty that emails will be both delivered and opened. Interseller also has an email outreach module. Quickly send smart personalized emails to contacts you find with our built-in outreach campaigning tools. Integrates with Gmail and Outlook, tracks email opens and follows up with contacts automatically. For one simple price of $15 per month, you can access unlimited prospect contact information and outreach emails.

  7. Palash Bagchi
    Get +50 auto-generated email combinations and see if any is real with Rapportive. Free tool from Mailtrack Team.

  8. Palash Bagchi
    REVERSE SEARCH: You have an email address and want to know who it belongs to. FIND A PERSONS EMAIL: You have a persons name and want to find their email address. Their databases cover almost the entire world and are used by law enforcement, government agencies, lawyers, PI's and ordinary citizens around the world. To view the complete, members only database links area of our service you must first purchase an EmailFinder Membership. Membership is a one time only charge of $19.95 and allows you unlimited access to their entire network to do as many searches as you like.

  9. Palash Bagchi
    Find up to thousands of emails a minute with our scalable API solution. Chrome extension allows you to find anyone's email directly from various sources. Verify emails directly from Gmail to never have bounces again.

  10. Palash Bagchi
    LeadFinch matches against billions of online records to get you an email address in no time at all. Their proprietary matching engine allows you to find an email address from as little as a name and a domain. Upload a CSV of leads, connect with our API, or use their Chrome Extension to pull details straight from sites like LinkedIn. Automatically find email addresses and save hours every day. You can try for free which will give you 8 matches per month. Paid plan starts form $18 per month.

  11. Palash Bagchi
    Email Research Tool. Enter a person's name and company and BuzzStream will automatically generate Google searches to help you find their email address.

  12. Retainly

  13. Palash Bagchi
    SearchBug's Peoplefinder is a reverse email search. If you have the email, it can fetch you other details like name, address, contact number, etc. It charges $2.5 per search.

  14. Palash Bagchi
    Rapportive creates a new tab inside your Gmail. If you receive an email from someone, Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. It is a free add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

  15. Palash Bagchi
    Get people’s email with just one click. Find your future best customer’s email validated in seconds and improve your sales. Just writing the name, last name and company domain you can get anyone’s corporate email. All the emails come validated but if you want to validate a specific email you can use the ‘test email’. For $29 per month you can get 1500 credits. They also have a Google Spreadsheet Add on with which you can directly save your leads into a Spreadsheet.

  16. Palash Bagchi
    Your automated sales rep for b2b service companies Have more conversations with qualified prospects by automating lead discovery and outreach! Minimize the tools you use, MAXIMIZE the leads you generate. Simply install their free Chrome extension, and you will be able to find contact information for your targeted leads! • Search leads by title, industry, location, specific keywords, and more • Find contact information on over 100 million B2B professionals • Add a lead to your list and watch as the system automatically contacts and follows up with them on your behalf Pay $250 per month for 500 emails.

  17. Palash Bagchi
    This tool takes a unique and different approach to guess multiple email combinations of the lead you are seeking to contact. Kind of a guesswork with some validations. Simply enter person name, last name and corporate domain name starting with @ into To field of Compose dialog and our tool will automatically generate most common corporate email address patterns for this person. Go with your mouse over generated emails and once you see a popup appeared with a person name - this is the right email address. Click on this email address and it will be selected. Available for Free.

  18. 18 Lusha

    Palash Bagchi
    You could say this is my personal favorite. This tool gives you the contacts which many of the other tools fail. Once added to Chrome, Lusha can pick up email and contact numbers from a Linkedin or a Twitter account. You can try Lusha for 5 contacts free every month. Paid plans start from $39 per month for 50 contacts. If Lusha is unable to extract either email or phone number, it will not count your search.

  19. Palash Bagchi
    Discoverly provides a Chrome extension which when installed, adds a small widget inside your Twitter. A mouse over this widget shows many more contact details of the Twitter profile. Available for Free.

  20. Palash Bagchi
    You can run your search from within Sales Navigator using the advanced search functionality. Search for titles, industry, location, company size and more. Run highly focused searches to target your leads. With a simple click inside the LeadGibbon sidebar, you can generate the verified email address of your leads. To export all lead data to Google sheets (including email address), simply click the check mark button on the lead profile page or on the Sales Navigator searchpage. Also send emails to your leads without leaving Sales Navigator. You can get 200 email verifications for $99 per month.

  21. Palash Bagchi
    Email Lookup is a great way to find email addresses of long-lost friends or associates. Results include email address, mailing address, location details, and more. Email Lookup also includes the option to confirm postal addresses via public utilities. Intelius also provides Background Check and Criminal Record check.

  22. Palash Bagchi
    Finally get in touch with any company. Anymail finder is trusted by thousands daily to find and verify email addresses of employees at any company. You only pay for emails they are sure won't bounce, you can cancel at any time, and your unused credits will roll over month after month. Starting from $ 18 per month for 200 verified emails.

  23. 23 Toofr

    Palash Bagchi
    Toofr can find you emails from any valid domain. Toofr discovers business email addresses from the first and last names, and the company name or website. It uses millions of business email patterns and mail server results to give you industry-leading sending rates. Pricing starts at $29 per month for 250 credits. Toofr also sells email lists.

  24. 24 Norbert

    Palash Bagchi
    Norbert has been into this business for quite some time now. Has large clientele including likes of Facebook, AirBnB, Oracle and others. They have a pay as you go plan that charges $0.10 per lead or you can go for their monthly plans. Norbert also has an API for Lead enrichment.

  25. 25 MailDB

    MailDB is a new and easy way to find the email address of anyone on the web with just a domain name.

  26. 26 Hunter

    Palash Bagchi
    Find email addresses in seconds and connect with people that matter for your business. Hunter works effectively to scrap email ids directly from a website or even from a Linkedin Profile. Hunter gives 150 Emails Free per month. It also has an email verification feature with which you can verify the emails scrapped. You can also save the emails in different lists, then export them to email marketing tools or csv.



Finding someone’s email has become quite easy these days, however, we advise discretion in sending promotional emails without consent. Even if you are sending promotional email without consent, always include an Unsubscribe link. Hope these tools were able to help you how to find someone’s email address by their name for free. While some of these tools are email guesser, others provide you with email address list download, while still others help you find email address by name. Learn how to find an email address for free.

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